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The Emoji set will bring fun from the digital world. Social media lovers will LUV this set!

Emoji border! Sweet and silly emoji faces will bring a bit of digital-inspired fun to bulletin boards. Border Idea: Add style and pops of color to any bulletin board by mixing, matching and layering our solid and patterned borders. This simple trimmer idea will make your bulletin boards really stand out!

This How Are You Feeling Today? Chart brings a little bit of social media emoji fun to the classroom. Students will identify with these emoji faces and the feelings that correspond to each. Feelings represented on chart: Happy, Sad, Angry, Worried, Shy, Excited, Surprised, Silly, and Embarrassed.

Sweet and silly Emoji's 3" cut-outs bring a little social media style and fun to the classroom. Pack includes six emoji designs: heart eyes, winking, smiley face, blushing smiley face, tooth-grin smiley face, and smiley face with sunglasses. Students will love these emoji faces.

Social media fun doesn't have to just be in the digital world! Emojis 6" cut-outs can be used in so many ways! The fun smiley faces can be posted to show off student work. Speech bubbles can be used to customize bulletin board displays, leave "comments" for classmates' displayed work, or posted on a board to communicate important messages to students and parents. Use the mail icon cut-out on an in-box or display where students see important classroom messages.

This Emoji's cut-outs pack includes a speech bubble, thumbs up, mail icon, smiley face, smiley face with sunglasses, and smiley face with heart eyes. Bring #fun to the classroom with #emojis! :-)

Students will love these Emoji stickers! The sweet and silly emoji faces will encourage children with social media style.

Log success on any incentive or chore chart with these colorful stickers. Keep track of good behavior, chores, and homework assignments, use to reinforce daily routines, or work towards completing tasks to reach a goal or reward.

This set includes:

0193 Emojis border: 35 feet per package, Width: 2¾"

5385 Emojis How Are You Feeling Today? Chart: Back of chart includes reproducible and activity ideas to reinforce skills. Chart measures 17" x 22

8083 Emojis 3" Cut Outs: 36 pieces per package, 6 each of 6 designs
6068 Emojis 6" Designer Cut Outs: 35 pieces per package, 6 each of 6 designs

7137 Emojis Hot Spot Stickers: 880 stickers per package, approximately 7/16" in diameter

4143 Emoji Reward Stickers